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Getting Started is Simple!

We simplify and manage your entire equipment replacement or new installation. There are just 3 easy steps to follow, and we take care of the rest:

  1. Call us to discuss options and arrange for a site visit 1-855-754-0530
  2. Complete a credit application
  3. Sign a lease agreement

“Call-to-Install” Process

Grand HVAC Leasing are experts in equipment selection and installation of replacement and new HVAC equipment. We manage the entire process from “call-to-install” for your convenience, including:

  • Site visit to view the existing equipment, or equipment application
  • Size equipment in accordance with your requirements
  • Consult with you on your business lease objectives
  • Customize a lease that fits your needs, and your budget
  • Order and purchase the necessary equipment
  • Co-ordinate the installation between you and our approved contractor
  • Start-up the equipment
  • Complete final installation inspection
  • Pay the contractor for all or part of installation (per lease agreement)
  • Manage the paperwork process

Get the process started! Send us your specific requirements or call us today at 1-855-754-0530 for a FREE consultation.

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