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Worry-Free Service

Grand HVAC Leasing are experts in the installation of replacement and new HVAC & water heating equipment. We purchase and install products, and bundle them with full-service solutions that include:


  • Minimum or no capital cost to customer-partial or 100% of installation cost absorbed in lease premium
  • Installations by authorized GHL dealers only
  • Equipment selection is based on contractor specifications
  • Customer installation sign off sheet required for each unit installed
  • No unexpected installation costs – lease agreement paperwork definitive
  • Contractors schedule installation with customers directly
  • Field inspections completed randomly or as required by GHL


  • No more unexpected service costs, GHL covers 100% of repairs and service* due to normal wear and tear
  • Service must be provided by authorized GHL dealers only
  • No limitation or restrictions to service cost amounts
  • Minimal equipment failure down time
  • 24 hour emergency service available
  • No call out fees apply


  • No cost to customer-100% of parts and labour* covered by monthly lease premium
  • All annual maintenance completed by approved GHL dealers only
  • Multi-visit annual maintenance can include up to 8 visits per year (varies per lease)
  • 100% of parts and labour covered by monthly lease premium
  • Regular maintenance delivers sustained energy savings
  • Limited disruption for maintenance calls (as necessary)
  • Ask about our lease buy-out plan on existing equipment

* certain terms and conditions apply

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