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Our Authorized
Dealer Network

Comprised of contractors across North America that strive to have a competitive advantage in their market areas by offering leasing to their customers.

The founding partners have over 25 years of commercial HVAC mechanical contracting business experience in new construction and HVAC retrofit. Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) is always looking to expand their dealer network so that more commercial customers can enjoy the same benefits our leasing customers do today.

Some of the many financial benefits you enjoy as a GHL dealer include:

  • Competitive alternative HVAC solutions for your customers (lease vs buy)-grow your business
  • Increase sales revenue with higher margins
  • No capital required for equipment – GHL pays dealers for equipment
  • Regular multi-visit annual maintenance revenue –  paid by GHL
  • Service repair revenue for lease customers – paid by GHL
  • No risk on lease agreement – GHL absorbs all credit risk

We are dedicated to ensuring the process is easy, so we differentiate our services by providing our Authorized dealers:

  • Dedicated Account Manager support
  • Simple process & lease agreements
  • Credit approval management
  • Quick payment process
  • Marketing support & co-operative advertising
  • Access to an Ontario-wide dealer network

Technical expertise among Dealers, including:

  • HVAC Specialists
  • Heating & Cooling Mechanics
  • Refrigeration Mechanics
  • Master Plumbers & Electricians
  • Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing Expertise
  • Wholesaler Connections

Customer Benefits to Leasing

GHL provides your customers with unconventional financial solutions to suite their HVAC needs. The primary objective of the leasing model is to free up cash flow so that commercial customers can focus on managing and growing their business. There are many customer benefits associated with leasing, some of which include:

  • No capital outlay required for equipment
  • Minimal or no installation capital
  • No extended warranties
  • No annual maintenance contracts
  • No contractor selection process
  • No unexpected service parts and labour costs
  • No capital budgeting necessary - EVER
  • 100% business operating expense

Help your customers. Stop them from capitalizing products and services that are not integral components of their business success. In simple terms, buy appreciating assets, and lease depreciating assets.

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